Weight Lifting – Safety Tips For Weight Machines

The best thing about weight machines is that they’re safer than free weights. You don’t have to worry about controlling the weight to the point where you may be injured by it falling on you. The great thing about weight machines is that they direct the movement of the weights while placing you in the proper form. But you are dealing with large amounts of weight so you must pay attention to safety precautions. multihead weigher

First of all you need to make sure that each machine is adjusted to your body. Most machines require at least two more adjustments. Take for instance the use of the leg extension machine. With this machine not only would you need to adjust the back but you would also need to adjust the pads behind the knees and in front of the shins. Adjusting these machines is fairly straightforward usually it’s just a pin that you need to put in the correct hole in order to lower or raise the component. After using a machine a few times adjustments become priests obvious.

You have to make sure that these machines are adjusted correctly. If a weight machine is not adjusted to fit your body you will be out of position your form won’t be correct and you risk injury. If you have to strain to reach the barbell when you’re doing a bench this could throw your back out of alignment and once the weight is pressing on you it could cause injury. Obviously, always make sure that the component that you’ve adjusted is securely locked in place.

Although on most machines the weights themselves are securely fastened to the apparatus you are still at risk of getting your fingers pinched. Weights occasionally get stuck on a stack. When they do instead of trying to adjust them yourself try to get help from a staff member. People have been known to get injured with the stacks, whether the fingers getting crushed, or hair getting caught, so please make sure you get assistance whenever trying to fix a problem.

If a weight machine has a belt make sure that you use it. It is there for a reason. The belts help keep your body positioned so you are in form. This reduces the amount of wasted effort in trying to do the exercise

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