A Clear-Cut Shopping Guide for Your Next Smartphone

Buying a new smartphone is harder now than it ever was before. The market abounds with diverse choices, and picking out the ideal smartphone for you can be quite the daunting task. You should marvel at the variety, because it implies that you can get a phone to meet your precise needs.

About Carriers and Plans

Wireless carriers offer contracts to subscribers, which bundle up a smartphone with a talk, internet and messaging plan. These agreements are attractive and convenient, and should make up the foundation for your search. There is more freedom in not being bound by a contract, but in that case, but an unlocked phone has a rather expensive purchase price especially if it is high end. oppo f17 pro

Know Your Needs

There are those needs that define a lifestyle. For someone who is young, outgoing and social, the most important features are the social networking and media capabilities of the phone. For a businessperson, the ideal smartphone is one that offers elaborate connectivity options. By today’s standards though, these needs are met by most smartphones, starting from the mid-range up. That said, there is more that you should be looking for.

Decide on an OS- Your options here include iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. iOS enjoys the best app support, Android enjoys popularity, has many hardware options, and is customizable. Windows offers you the riches office experience, while Blackberry has the Blackberry Service.

Decide on connectivity- 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are pretty standard now. What you really have to think about is LTE or 4G and NFC.

Decide on Hardware- What kind of power are you looking for. While there are there are quad-core CPUs, you might not need all that computing power if you only need your smartphone for routine tasks.

Display- You need to think about the screen size and resolution as well. 4.0″ is ample screen estate, though there are larger options which extend past the 5.0″ mark. As far as the resolution goes, any screen with over 300ppi will look brilliant.

Media, Social Networking and Photography- Social networking is elaborate across all platforms and so are the media capabilities. As far as photography goes, a megapixel count of 8MP should suffice in taking crisp, useable photos.

Price- It is perhaps the biggest consideration that you need to make. Suffice it to say there is a smartphone for every budget size. So how much you are willing to spend will ultimately decide the kind of smartphone you end up with.


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